Thursday, December 25, 2008

my christmas wishlist !!

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1. Nikon SLR digital camera.. doesnt matter which one..i just want ONE
2. GPS Navigation system.. really need one.. i cant read maps !!
3. New deck for my car.. my little one stuffed it up for me by putting coins it wont even go on ..
4. Harajuku Lovers Perfume in "baby" smells sooooooo nice
5. New dress for new years eve party !!!!!!!

not so merry day..

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..but not so merry for me..i am like the walking dead right now !! yesterday was such a disaster.. i didnt get any presents from my mother.. because get this she doesnt wanna spend more than 60 dollars on me when she happily blew money out for my brosta's nintendo wii.. and its not just the console !! she even bought him games !! so we ended up fighting because i wanted a dress ontop of that 60 dollar harajuku girls perfume.. i mean its just a simple request right?? i rather give the watch i got her for a refund and her not give me anything at all.. her watch costed me 220.. anyway she ended up giving me 50 dollars.. for christmas.. i mean really?! thanks for the petrol money ! since i was so peed off i ended up driving all the way to canningvale.. wasted more petrol on that ! so anyway went to alex's and looked through his photo albums at home..everything was going great until he asked me to take him to gosnells to buy "duck mince" for his step-brother kim.. i was skeptical.. and wary of time.. i mean i had to be home by 9.30.. he was begging me to take him..and i said yes..didnt realise he was gonna tag his brother along with his boong !.. oh and the boong is another story !! lol.. i ended up taking the whole lot of them.. i knew something fishy was going on but i kept driving.. to keep the story short by the time we got back to alex'z place i was NOT a happy person. he KNEW i NEEDED to go home early so i can get ready to go to christmas carols & church.. but noooooooooo he ONLY THOUGHT ABOUT HIMSELF !! im still pissy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

kevin rudd's free money

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why is it that single mothers always get the flak? i mean we do not all buy plasma tv's , playstations etc with out money ! i mean come on not all young mothers only think about themselves ! i get really annoyed when they feature "stupid, immature" young mothers on tv.. they really give single mothers a bad reputation ! why don't they for once interview a single mother who is working, studying and trying to bring up a little one? i mean why dont they pick someone that would INSPIRE other single mothers to do the same?? instead of getting some highschool drop out who doesn't want to aspire to be anything else but a pensioner ! i mean come on ! ive been looking around at forums and most people think we only spend pension money on ourselves ! i can honestly tell you life being a single mum is NOT easy. alot of people think that all single mums get the same amount every fortnight. you want to know mine? its not alot and its certainly not enough. if it wasn't for my sons dad i wouldn't be able to get by. even petrol alone burns a hole in my pocket. all my money go to my sons needs. i was quite baffled when alot of my childless friends dont know the cost of a box of nappies. its not cheap. i have to scout around catalogues to be able to find a special on nappies. i do not want to pay 40-50 on nappies so i look around for specials.. all these applies on all my sons needs. i dont go shopping unless theres a sale
and when i do go shopping it is because my ex gave me extra money ! i hope they stop putting single "mothers" on tv.. it really puts us to shame :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

showing off..

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hehe i guess the title says it all !! went to harbour town yesterday and i HAVE to share with you guys my super awesome find !! i was going to buy these shoes from KEDS.COM but i didn't because they don't post outside Canada/USA :( so i kept coming back to the Converse Factory Outlet because thats the only place they sell Keds :( anyway yesterday when i got back i finally found them !! i did fork out 80 dollars though !! hehehe but well worth it !! they're so comfortable to wear and so cute !! i love my new keds !!

Monday, December 1, 2008

dinner date

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me and my two closest friends went out to dinner at sizzlers last night..i was still not feeling 100% but i decided to go anyway because i was feeling like eating some cheese toast !! we were pretty lucky when we got there because the line was not long and we didn't have to wait to be seated !! not only that we even got our dishes sizzling fresh !! *literally* heheheh anyway heres the pics !! i was just a little disappointed at the sizzling garlic prawns i got.. it looked plentyful on the menu at the counter but when i got it it only had 8 pieces of prawns..


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