Friday, March 18, 2011

Nails of the week

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Hi guys!!
Just a quick post about my favorite nail color this week!! I am totally loving OPI dulce de leche!!! The color is so pretty!! Honestly this horrible iphone camera doesnt do it justice!!

The color is of a brownish rose tone and is very flattering ( for my skintone anyway ).

With flash

Without flash

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My loves 

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Just wanted to share a photo of my kids!!!

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Nail Polish Haul : China Glaze & Essie

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I have been swamped with packages this last few weeks since I've been doing some crazy shopping lately. Im going to stop after I get a few more things..I promise ! So anyway among those packages is my nail polishes !! yayayayayyayay !! I practically screamed for joy when I saw the DHL man come up my driveway !

Everything was well packed, mind you I was baffled when I saw the OPI boxes..
but turns my china glaze polishes were in there !!

Each polish was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into the box and
wrapped with extra bubble wrap !!

OOOOOOOHHHHH so pretty !!

OMG how pretty are these essie polishes?! I love sweet pastel colors as they suit my
very tanned skin. I think its obvious I love pink shades ALOT

I couldn't resist not doing my nails that night !! I super love this color, I couldn't really catch its true beauty. Its super pretty ! It shimmers lilac in natural lighting and sometimes almost silver !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GHD Deluxe Midnight Collection Gift Set

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YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!! I Finally own one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behold.. the ghd midnight collection beauty..... I almost died when I had to
take everything out of the box to take a decent picture.
The treasure box that held everything is SUPER PRETTY !!

the heatproof travel case for the ghd styler, isn't it soooo pretty??!
I absolutely love the embroidery design bordering the logo !

The heatproof bag for the ghd has a divider where you can also clip in your section clips.

I couldn't thank my partner enough for buying this for me as a valentines day present.. I have been hinting it out since January that I needed to upgrade my D:fuse straightening iron *smiles*
Mind you, that iron has lasted me 2 years and is still in perfect working condition !! So I guess I will be taking that one with me when I go back to Manila in November.

I know you guys are probably going to think I'm weird BUT I feel bad just using my GHD. I don't even want to touch it LOL. I kinda just open the box and stare at it haha.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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I know I have rambled on about how much weight I gained with my second baby but honestly as long as my partner doesn't see me as unattractive I guess I'm fine, but I wish I could say the same about other people *rolls eyes*

So anyway my mum has been bugging me about loosing weight and she introduced me to Meizitang. At first I didn't believe all the stories she was telling me about her mutual friend losing so much weight while on this herbal pill but then again i was keen enough to try it, after all my birthday is just a month away and maybe I can loose abit before then.

I started taking Meizitang almost two weeks ago and I can definitely say I have lost weight, 5kg to be exact. I'm so ecstatic, I'm over the moon !! I'm trying to contain myself from buying heaps of small clothes ! I cant believe I was skeptical ! *smiles* Anyway I am going to start a diary log on my weightloss with meizitang !! I will update every two weeks on my progress.

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