Sunday, August 30, 2009

BF-Beauty Haul !!

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I've been hit by the false eyelash craze recently because my BFF put a pair on me on my cousins bachelorette party and damn.. I must admit it looked lovely !! My aunties who were also at the party didn't recognize who I was !! LOL !! Anyway since that night I wanted to get my hands on a few pairs of eyelashes.. and stumbled upon (accidentaly!) BF-BEAUTY!! I love love this website !! They sell quality eyelashes in packs of 10 pairs or 3 pairs for such a cheap price !! I also adore their eyeshadow palettes !! such lovely colors and also very very pigmented !! I was quite suprised with the quality and the price !!

All nicely packaged in bubble wrap !!

The items I got !! I think it might take me a lifetime to get through these many eyelashes !!

How lovely are these?! They look so nice and natural !!

These eyelashes gave me a bridgette bardot ish kind of eyes !! I love it

My favorites !! The eyeshadow and blush palettes !! They cost $6.99US !! How cheap is that?! I also only payed $1.80 in postage.. and given that the items were from Hong Kong I received them in 10 days !!

How lovely are these colors?! The eyeshadows are so smooth and very pigmented. I know it looks glittery in the photos but I would describe it as a "shimmer" very pretty !!

click HERE to check out bf-beauty !!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Geo Angel Gray & Geo Tri Color Brown

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Finally some pics of me wearing the contacts from HERE. Took me awhile to get used to inserting something into my eyeballs but as days go on and I "train" myself to get used to applying them it just gets easier !! I did use two different cameras for each pic so please bare with me !! hehehe

me wearing the geo tri color brown.
this definitely makes me look "western" though i think circle lenses don't work on me.. my eyes are still the same except the color. I did find these contacts uncomfortable to wear.. they blur my eyes and make me feel dizzy ! i think i will wear them for photo ops only !!

I love my geo angel gray !! They look so nice and are so comfortable I forgot I had them on !! I will probably order the purple and brown one next !! I love it !! Oh and the 2nd day after I successfuly applied contacts my right one "disappeared" after I closed my eyes for a second because my eyes were so watery.. I looked everywhere and eventually gave up because I though it must've fallen through the sink but guess where it was?! It was stuck under my eyelid and was folded and very hard to get out !! ewwww !! lols

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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I've been very interested in circle lenses for awhile because of the hype surrounding them and Korean celebrities !! I've always wondered how my favorite Korean celebritieEv
I bought my circle lenses HERE ! I must say a big Thank You to felicia who answered all my questions and replied to me so quick it seemed like we were chatting !!

My package came super quick !! considering the fact that it usually takes 4 - 7 days between states in Australia !! My package came in 2 days (not including weekends!) I mean super !!

The items were well protected with tonnes of bubble wrap and a cute transparent flower plastic !! I love the free lense case they sent me !! It's so cute !!

How cute are these little glass vials?! They contain one lense each !!
I've always thought they come in pairs in each bottle !

GEO seal of Authenticity !! DO NOT buy ANY geo circle lenses without this !
There are apparently alot of sellers claiming to be selling "authentic" geo lenses all over the
internet only to find out they been ripped off with fake ones!

Close Up of the super cute lense case I got free !!
I will have to buy myself some more.. They are $4.00 each !!

My favorite are these brown ones !! Soo pretty with flecks of gold and light brown !!

These ones are my GEO Angel Grey !! Isn't it lovely? I know it almost looks like its black but I will have to post some pics of me wearing the lenses !

for those of you who don't know what circle lenses are click here to find out more !!

EDM Pressed Powders.. (for yvonne !!)

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here's my promised post for yvonne !! ;]

As much as I love my EDM foundation I must admit the PP's didn't really deliver for me. The smell is just too for my liking. As for coverage I would say its heavier than intensive but the finish is very matte even on my oily t-zone. I would also say that the colors would be darker than the actual loose powders in the same shade. The texture of the PP's is very very smooth almost creamy. The only real complaint I have with the PP's is the strong jojoba oil smell, but apart from that it is almost perfect !

The buttered tan PP is just right for my NC40 skin but if I used the loose buttered tan it would be way to light ! Medium beige PP is a tad too dark on my winter skin right now but I could probably get away with using it for summer.

and as requested here's a pic of my little man ! finally being his usual cheeky self !

Monday, August 10, 2009

it's been awhile..

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hi ladies !!
as you all can see I haven't been posting anything new lately because my little man has been sick with the flu and all you moms out there know just how horrible that can be !! my baby has been getting 40+ temps and I haven't been able to get some sleep lately.. just monitoring his temp most of the time trying to keep it down but it still keeps going up. Thank God he's doing very well now his temp has come down.. all he needs now is to get his appetite back !! I will be posting once my little man is 110% better !! starting with my post for yvonne !! ;] hopefully in the coming week !!

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