Friday, March 27, 2009

Jason's Natural Beauty Oil - Its here !!!

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i got my jason's beauty oils !! i am sceptical about this.. but im going to give it a try and post every other day pics of my face for 1 month. to see if there is a difference !!

yay got my EDM superkit !!

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hey guys just wanted to update all of you with that superkit i ordered from EDM.. its finally here !! hooray !! i am over the moon !! it also arrived with my Jason's products !! yayayayay !! but im still expecting my personal kit sometime next week (hopefully) !! the pics are here !!

yay my full size products !!

my full size face products !!
blush was everywhere when i opened the package !!

im loving the kabuki so much because it is so dense !! and at $10.00 who wouldn't buy one?!
i want one more long handled kabuki !! please? hehehehe

oh so beautiful !! (i have a makeup brush infatuation)

look at how dense it it !! its so super soft !! i love it !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jason's Natural Beauty Oil

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i've read all over the EDM forum (read about it here!) about the goodness of this beauty oil and i was intrigued to try it. i have never tried beauty oil before because i was afraid it would make my skin look greasy but apparently this beauty oil gets absorbed by the skin and in days you would really see a difference !! so i started my quest looking for this beauty oil on the web and what a quest !! it took ages for me to find a website that actually ships the item internationally ! lucky i found !! i was shocked to learn that Jason's Natural Beauty Oil is so affordable !! it cost me $ for three and the shipping to australia is so cheap !! anyway guys i will let you know when i get it and how it goes !! i will post all about it here !!

i could NOT help it !!

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after days of lurking around on the EDM forums. i was curious about all the hype that the NR powders were making !! (read here!) i wanted to get my hands on these so called "miracle" powder!! so i made another order.. hopefully it will come just after my superkit order so i wouldn't look like a mad woman scouting down the australia post van for my much anticipated package !! i wish my superkit would come this week ! im living on samples right now :( lol anyway ladies heres my order !! by the way i got the personal kit !!
  • i ordered another sample kit
  • flat top brush - i already have a flat top brush from mary kay but apparently these brushes from EDM are very good.. i wanted to give it a try
  • medium tan (matte) - i wanted my color in every formulation besides intensive so i can switch it around
  • evening out blush (shimmer) - i wanted a blush i could wear while out partying/clubbing that has a slight shimmer
  • natural reflections in golden tan - i got two of these so called "miracle" powders.
  • and another summer stroll blush - i think i will have to sell this one because i already ordered another one.. or swap it for a bestfriends blush?? lol
i ordered these on the 16th of march.. hopefully it will come soon. i am really itching to get my hands on those natural reflections powder.. apparently they double as a sunscreen !! i also have 2 superkits on my cart that are FULL .. lol.. should be checking out soon... soon soon lol.. when i have money !!

Monday, March 16, 2009

found it !!!!! finally !!!!!!!!

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ive been searching and searching for a nice way to take my mineral makeup along with me !! i finally found the answer to my prayers.. and i found it on they have so many makeup jars/containers to choose from and such affordable prices !! i love it !! and shipping is also incredibly cheap !! yay im helping the australian economy !! heres what i bought from heirloom!!
  • makeup spatulas (pack of ten) - these come in handy packs of ten.. i need them for mixing my foundation with NR golden tan for a nice "barely there" makeup.. it is $1.60 per pack of 10
  • plastic scoop (small, pack of ten) - these always come in handy.. great for putting some makeup into travel jars !! no mess and super cheap !! .. $0.45 per pack of 10
  • mineral powder pot with sifter & powder puff (20ml base) - this is my MUST HAVE !! great for taking to work for touch ups !!.. they are $1.30 each
  • 10 gm makeup stackable pots (sets of 2) - will come superhandy for those who use alot of mineral powders ie. eyeshadows, concealers etc. .. they are $1.00 for the 10gm & $0.85 for the 5 gm.. i bought both !! :D
  • plastic bottle dripper and cap - i NEED this to carry my NR golden tan & moisturizer combo !! they are $1.00
all in all i saved alot of money buy not buying from overseas websites.. they are simply overpriced and shipping costs an arm and a leg !! and also i am stimulating the australian economy !! wooooooooooo !!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the big 2-0

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i am finally 20..
well actually i still feel like im 16.. but i guess now i fully appreciate the term "young at heart". my birthday was last Sunday 8th of March but i tell you on Saturday night i celebrated the early hours of my birthday "clubbing it up". We had dinner at Sunlight Restaurant (my shout of course!) and then headed out for karaoke at Utopia and finished the night of at Metro City. here's the pics !!

the group at sunlight restaurant !!
frm LtoR: roxy,paul,eddy,faith,shaun,lily,me,phoebe,lisa,kristy,suzanne&mod

its me !! the birthday girl !! looking worse for wear @ metro city

looking like a bunch of messed up kids.. at utopia karaoke time !!

Big Order.. from everyday minerals

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i just ordered a massive lot from everyday minerals.. you know guys i was still contemplating whether to buy from everyday minerals or signature minerals since i like them both alot. well what attracted me the most about signature minerals was that they have free postage.. for orders $100US and above.. that was fine with me but i didnt want to order 100 dollars worth of stuff because $100US is like $154.48AU in australian dollars.. i mean come on i might as well but Bare Escentuals at that rate.. then i dont have to wait weeks for my stuff to arrive. i am desperately trying to save money so i wasn't really keen on spending 154 dollars on make up. then i came across the custom kits from everyday minerals for $50.00 their UPS postage is flexible.. you can choose which you want depending on budget. so i went for the cheapest one of course !! so all in all i have spent $69.30US which set me back $108.00AU not bad. i decided i would buy all my makeup i would need for the rest of the year. as you all know mineral makeup lasts a LONG time. i am still not even halfway my make up samples !! with everyday minerals you can choose ANY 12 full sized products to add to your kit. you can choose to have 12 foundations/primers/concealers/pressed powders anything really!! that to me was a BARGAIN. absolute bargain. you can even include all their brushes in your kit if you want !! i ended up with these items in my kit !!
  • long handled kabuki - this was not for me.. my bf likes mineral powder as much as i do and he needed a nice brush !!
  • medium tan (original glo foundation) - this is my color !! i actually i purchased two of these !! one in original glo and one in semi-matte
  • sandy medium (semi-matte foundation) - a shade or two lighter than my skintone for winter use !! winter is just around the corner !!
  • peach color corrector/concealer - i absolutely love this concealer.. hides my bags and the redness around my nose area !! makes me look "photoshopped" lol
  • dark brown brow color - well as you all know i like my brows looking well groomed and i dont want to run out of this !!
  • finishing dust - just the perfect thing to set the make up !!
  • daydream blush - my favourite blush !! very subtle and natural looking !! love it heaps !!
  • spring berries lip color - just wanted to try something new.. il let you know what i think of it when i get it though !!
  • fairly light golden (pressed foundation) - just trying this product.. something to take along when on the move. it is also a mineral foundation !!
  • fair pink (pressed foundation) - for my dear bf.. who also loves mineral foundation.. i got this for him !! hopefully he will like it ! lol
  • summer stroll blush (pressed) - i just wanted a blush i could take along with me everywhere !! color is lovely i will let you know what i think of it !!
so thats all i got in my kit !! hopefully they will be here soon as i am excited to play around with them !!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kaminomoto hair tonic - REVIEW !!

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hey guys i have currently come across this hair growth tonic from japan (thanks to my mom!) that apparently makes your hair grow faster and thicker and healthier !! my moms hairdresser recommended her to use it since she has thin hair. i am using it also in hopes that my hair would grow as healthy and thick as it used to be before the chemicals ! heres the info on this "magic" hair tonic !! as my moms hair dresser said it made her hair really long , thick and super shiny !! i mean wow if it did that to her chemically dead hair then i want some too !! my hair has been super damaged since i chemically straightened it in the philippines and they just ended up killing the living shit out of it !! when i mean killing i mean my hair was falling out.. alot.. the base of my head was bald..(well not really).. pretty much bald.. lucky i had long hair from the top of my head to cover it up ! my hair felt like pubes for months !! no kidding !! i tried everything to repair my hair.. salon treatments, deep conditioning, expensive shampoos.. but none work !! luckily i tried garnier fructis. which helped my hair feel like hair again.. but it did not make it strong again.. i have to grow my hair out now so thats why im using kaminomoto !! i will post pics of my progress !! watch this space !!

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