Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jason's Natural Beauty Oil

Posted by jacqui at 6:02 PM
i've read all over the EDM forum (read about it here!) about the goodness of this beauty oil and i was intrigued to try it. i have never tried beauty oil before because i was afraid it would make my skin look greasy but apparently this beauty oil gets absorbed by the skin and in days you would really see a difference !! so i started my quest looking for this beauty oil on the web and what a quest !! it took ages for me to find a website that actually ships the item internationally ! lucky i found iherb.com !! i was shocked to learn that Jason's Natural Beauty Oil is so affordable !! it cost me $ for three and the shipping to australia is so cheap !! anyway guys i will let you know when i get it and how it goes !! i will post all about it here !!



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