Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Order.. from everyday minerals

Posted by jacqui at 6:34 PM
i just ordered a massive lot from everyday minerals.. you know guys i was still contemplating whether to buy from everyday minerals or signature minerals since i like them both alot. well what attracted me the most about signature minerals was that they have free postage.. for orders $100US and above.. that was fine with me but i didnt want to order 100 dollars worth of stuff because $100US is like $154.48AU in australian dollars.. i mean come on i might as well but Bare Escentuals at that rate.. then i dont have to wait weeks for my stuff to arrive. i am desperately trying to save money so i wasn't really keen on spending 154 dollars on make up. then i came across the custom kits from everyday minerals for $50.00 their UPS postage is flexible.. you can choose which you want depending on budget. so i went for the cheapest one of course !! so all in all i have spent $69.30US which set me back $108.00AU not bad. i decided i would buy all my makeup i would need for the rest of the year. as you all know mineral makeup lasts a LONG time. i am still not even halfway my make up samples !! with everyday minerals you can choose ANY 12 full sized products to add to your kit. you can choose to have 12 foundations/primers/concealers/pressed powders anything really!! that to me was a BARGAIN. absolute bargain. you can even include all their brushes in your kit if you want !! i ended up with these items in my kit !!
  • long handled kabuki - this was not for me.. my bf likes mineral powder as much as i do and he needed a nice brush !!
  • medium tan (original glo foundation) - this is my color !! i actually i purchased two of these !! one in original glo and one in semi-matte
  • sandy medium (semi-matte foundation) - a shade or two lighter than my skintone for winter use !! winter is just around the corner !!
  • peach color corrector/concealer - i absolutely love this concealer.. hides my bags and the redness around my nose area !! makes me look "photoshopped" lol
  • dark brown brow color - well as you all know i like my brows looking well groomed and i dont want to run out of this !!
  • finishing dust - just the perfect thing to set the make up !!
  • daydream blush - my favourite blush !! very subtle and natural looking !! love it heaps !!
  • spring berries lip color - just wanted to try something new.. il let you know what i think of it when i get it though !!
  • fairly light golden (pressed foundation) - just trying this product.. something to take along when on the move. it is also a mineral foundation !!
  • fair pink (pressed foundation) - for my dear bf.. who also loves mineral foundation.. i got this for him !! hopefully he will like it ! lol
  • summer stroll blush (pressed) - i just wanted a blush i could take along with me everywhere !! color is lovely i will let you know what i think of it !!
so thats all i got in my kit !! hopefully they will be here soon as i am excited to play around with them !!



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