Friday, March 27, 2009

yay got my EDM superkit !!

Posted by jacqui at 9:45 PM
hey guys just wanted to update all of you with that superkit i ordered from EDM.. its finally here !! hooray !! i am over the moon !! it also arrived with my Jason's products !! yayayayay !! but im still expecting my personal kit sometime next week (hopefully) !! the pics are here !!

yay my full size products !!

my full size face products !!
blush was everywhere when i opened the package !!

im loving the kabuki so much because it is so dense !! and at $10.00 who wouldn't buy one?!
i want one more long handled kabuki !! please? hehehehe

oh so beautiful !! (i have a makeup brush infatuation)

look at how dense it it !! its so super soft !! i love it !!



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