Thursday, April 30, 2009

Right Now Im Lovin'....

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Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptint SPF 15
tints lips with beautiful natural color and soft moisturising shine. the semi-sheer shades are complimented by a gorgeous berry scent.

i have the berry shade and i absolutely love it !! it has just enough red and just enough moisture so you don't look like you just ate fried chicken !! lol

Boys Before Flowers

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its no secret that i have a korean drama obsession.. i ALWAYS watch dramas online first before i add them to my collection.. i don't want to waste money on dramas i don't like and i love love love boys before flowers !! though i cant make my mind up if i like the taiwanese version (meteor garden 1&2), japanese version (hana yori dango 1&2), or the korean version (boys before flowers) better.. but if you ask me i rather you shoot me than choose!! i love all the charachters on BBF i've especially fallen in love (who wouldn't?!) with Kim Hyun Joong who plays Yoon Ji Ho!! and i have also developed a soft spot for Kim Bum who plays So Yi Jung.. i don't know why but he seemed to grow on me.. at first he didn't seem as good looking as the two main lead guys but he has his charm !! i love his one sided smile !! OMG i just read that Kim Hyun Joong is in We Got Married !! omg omg must buy !! lol i probably sound like a freak now but anyway heres some eye candy !!


how can a man be so goregous?? lol

Boys Before Flowers Male Leads

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Ecotools Mineral Brush Set

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the ecotools mineral brush set is a MUST HAVE for all mineral makeup users. the brushes are made of synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free ! they are unbelievably soft and so affordable you would want to buy more !! mine cost me $ 11.75 from makeup masala

each of the brushes are so dense and soft no "scratchy bits" to hurt your skin ! the mineral powder brush is awesome and doesn't leave a "powdery look" when applying mineral makeup the baby kabuki is also great especially when applying blush and the short handle makes it easy to maneuver !! concealer brush is so beautiful but can also be used as a shadow brush and picks up minerals really well ! all in all i give these brushes 9/10

Makeup Masala = Awesome !!

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im really loving makeup masala right now !! apart from the free INTERNATIONAL shipping they offer for orders $20.00 and above i love how fast the package actually came !! their customer service is really exceptional and i was never left wondering about my package!! i love love love it !! and they offer cheap and fabulous makeup from NYX, LA Colors , Ecotools, Avon & much more !! its one of my favourite makeup stores now !

What i got:
1 x ecotools mineral makeup brush set
1 x ecotools face buffer
1 x avon magix tinted skin perfector

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mothers Day Kit

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my heart stopped beating for a second when i saw this special on EDM this morning !! i think i found another reason to order !! and i am so loving the look of that new baby kabuki !! and the blush too !! cant wait for the 1st of May !!

Update: Kaminomoto Hair Tonic

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as i said in my previous post about Kaminimoto.. i have terribly damaged hair.. long story short i had my hair chemically straightened overseas and it ended up falling out BY THE HUNDREDS. i swear i had really thick long wavy hair before i got it chemically treated and it literally burned my hair off :( so when i came back to australia my hair was short, disgusting and was still snapping in half or falling off. I became desperate to repair the damage i tried deep conditioners even expensive hair treatments at salons but to no avail.. but now my hair is so healthy and shiny and long of course i did give my hair a break (no dying, bleaching, blowdrying) to give it some time to heal itself but that was not enough.. thank god for Kaminomoto !! it made my hair go back to normal and made it grow thicker and faster !! i swear it must be hair food or something !! my hair now is super soft and super thick !! it is also back to its *wavy* self but now i've learnt to take care of my hair and not put too much product into it. i love Kaminomoto and recommend it to everybody !!

here's me with my hair now.. no products (see the flyaways?!)
thanks to kaminomoto my hair has "body" now

here's the length of my hair now.. before i used kaminomoto
my hair was just sitting on my shoulder. the thin ends of my hair
is the remnants of the damaged hair before !!

i hope this pic shows just how thick my
hair has become..this is my hair halved..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another EDM order..

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ive lost every bit of patience holding me back from ordering again ! i just couldn't help it !! i blame it on the new lip colors and the limited time only lavender concealer !! anyway i spent $125.90US on two super kits and a sample kit.. that equates to $180.00 my money.. ive been trying to desperately save but to no avail !! i should really try disconnecting my internet hahaha but anyway when the package arrives it should make me happy !!! cant wait to get it !!

heres what i ordered :

  • warm sandy medium (semi matte)
  • warm medium beige summer
  • warm medium beige
  • sunday brunch blush (matte)
  • lavender color corrector
  • 2 flat top brushes (heheh i loved my first so i ordered some more!)
  • angled blush brush
  • 5 warm sandy medium (3semi matte) & (2 matte)
  • 2 olive medium (1semi matte) & (1matte)
  • medium beige summer (semi matte)
  • text message blush
  • sprung! blush
  • intensive tan concealer
  • kaolin powder - soft bronze
  • foptic brush
  • eye kabuki
  • plum dust blush
  • 2 lavender color corrector
  • bisque color corrector
  • NR medium bronzer
  • sprinkler slide
  • lavender murmuru lip balm

Designer Brands !!

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i am currently loving Designer Brands, a new cosmetic brand out on the market right now !! I love their mineral makeup line and lipsticks at so affordable prices !! and best of all shipping all over Australia is just $7.00 !!

i recommend buying:
  • mineral auto eyeshadow in EBONY
  • moisturizing lipstick in BARELY NUDE & APRICOT D'OR
  • mineral oil free liquid foundation
  • mineral pressed foundation
im still awaiting my order from them which was just purchased today !! hopefully it'll be here by next week !!

you can get YOUR dose of DB cosmetics on HERE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


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this is my Thursday & Saturday haul !! hopefully reviews and more detailed pics will be up soon.. but im studying for my stat test soon so i don't know when i can put the reviews up

*** T H U R S D A Y ***

*** S A T U R D A Y ***

Friday, April 17, 2009


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hey guys just wanted to let you guys know i will be giving away free mineral foundation !! ( sample sizes of course !! ) i will not tell you guys when that will be but i am just going to randomly put up swatches of the colors and the details sometime this week so watch this space !!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


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Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on RRP: $14.95 ~ $17.95

This super hard to find item by Garnier promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes apparently, it is different from other eye creams because it contains caffeine which helps to stimulate the skins micro circulation properties and helps to energise tired skin. At first use the metal applicator ball is cooling and soothing which makes application a breeze ! Though after 24 hours of applying it on i could alread see the difference in my eye bags the darkest spot which usually looks purplish has become lighter !! It also made my undereyes less puffy.. my under eyes have actually become flat !! this is sleep in a bottle !! i love it and will definitely buy it again !!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new stuff !!

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hey guys !!
just letting you guys know you can now "follow" my blog and i also added a recent visitors feedjit !!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

EDM New Glosses !! - PREVIEW !!!

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i was just lurking around on the EDM forums today and i found out that Kim has posted up four of the new lip gloss shades as a "PREVIEW" of the new line !! i am so excited !! i think im going to have to get another super custom kit !! arghhhh i want i want !!!

thanks to Kim from EDM for sharing the pics of the soon to be released NEW lip glosses !!

im really loving monster movie and going to market !! im definitely buying these two next tuesday !! woooo i cant wait to get my hands on these babies.

Bargain Buy - ALERT !!!

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I've always wanted the Mini Badger Brush Set from but at the price of $34.95 it really put me off (hello economic crisis?!) but today i stumbled upon the same brushes !! at a discounted price !! the same brushes are $12.95 !! OMG OMG !!!!!!!!! i bought a set !!

*edit* i forgot to add the website i got this awesome brush set from !!
you can purchase this brush set from

Monday, April 13, 2009

.......LIPSTICKS !!!

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while i was stuck at home with the flu last week i decided i needed new lipsticks !! (not that i have anymore room in my bathroom!) so i drove my car out looking like the living dead and bought a few... in my opinion MUST HAVE lipsticks for this coming winter !!

there are two things i always look for in a lipstick
1. the lipstick HAS to have medium to high pigmentation.. to hide my darker upper lip.. i know eww right?!
2. the lipstick color has to be NUDE or close to my natural lipcolor.

Napoleon Perdis Set Lipstick in ATHENS. RRP $36.00
Maybelline Mineral Lipstick in NUDE SHELL. RRP $17.00

The NP lipstick is my FIRST Napoleon purchase ever and it didn't disappoint ! I've heard alot of raves about Hollywood stars using NP makeup but i dismissed it until i saw this lovely shade of lipstick and i just HAD to get it !! The texture is absolutely smooth and glides on easily and it is pretty moisturising yet doesn't look like my lips have been glossed over. Lovely semi matte finish !! Totally worth the $36.00 !!

NP "Athens" & Maybelline "Nude Shell"

The Maybelline Mineral Lipstick is great for everyday application !! The lipstick itself is mineral based so you won't be slathering on a bunch of chemicals on your lips and the texture is so velvety smooth almost like gloss and is very moisturising. The down side of it is the color is quite sheer and for the price i guess you get what you pay for but i still love it !!

Moisture Extreme SPF 15 RRP: $14.95

i also bought two lipsticks from Maybelline which are also extremely lovely !! I'm really digging their Moisture Extreme line !! with SPF 15 and super smooth application and a lovely hint of watermelon scent i just couldn't resist !! i bought Peach Mocha and Nude Blush !! i just love their colors !!

maybelline ME lipstick in "Peach Mocha"
this is a darker shade of mauve.. if applied heavily will look almost brown

maybelline ME lipstick in "Nude Blush"
excellent everyday shade !! lovely sheer color


the BEST tweezers ever !!

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ive been through enough tweezers in my 20 years that i can honestly say these tweezers from ALL THINGS LADY LIKE on ebay are the BEST ones i've ever owned. these tweezers are so light and so easy to maneuver its incredible !! and the plucking power is just awesome !! i will guarantee you can pick up every stray, short hair !! These magnificent babies can be bought from ALL THINGS LADY LIKE on Ebay for $6.99 and i have to say their postage is excellent !! you can buy all the items you want from them and only pay $6.00 postage in Australia !!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the feeling is..

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CRAPTASTIC !! i am sick again and you know when i get hit by the flu i am a mess. an ugly disgusting mess !!

Friday, April 3, 2009

my little list.... of things i want to purchase !!

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okay.. its obvious to everyone that knows me that i want ALOT of things.. well thats true.. but due to the economic crisis and the aussie dollar being so much less than the american dollar.. i can't really buy all the things i want anymore.. im more budget conscious! heres some things i want and know you will too !! and won't burn a whole through your pockets !!

1. From
13 PC Brush Set
well you can never have too many brushes.. and these are FULL SIZE and cost $16.95 !!
who wouldn't want to buy a set at that price?! i would !! once pay day rolls by !!

26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette
im a blush girl. i put blush on my cheeks all the time ! because if i don't i would certainly look zombie-like ! and this palette from coastal scents is awesome !! it has blushes that i know i certainly would use and matte and shimmer shadows that are i think are neutral shades !! i love it and its certainly on my list !! this awesome palette costs $21.95 !!

2. From

Color Infusion Botanical Lipsticks
im a lipstick girl.. if i ever get caught without anything on.. chances are im wearing lipstick. i have lipstick on all day everyday ! but i also have very sensitive skin and lips.. i am allergic to MOST lipsticks.. they make me itch and give me a disgusting rash but these lipsticks from aromaleigh are 100% laden with mineral oils !! no harsh chemicals and at only $5.21 why not buy all the lovely shades ?! i recommend coquette, crush and nuance !!

Gothic Lolita Nourishing Color Creme


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