Friday, April 3, 2009

my little list.... of things i want to purchase !!

Posted by jacqui at 11:31 PM
okay.. its obvious to everyone that knows me that i want ALOT of things.. well thats true.. but due to the economic crisis and the aussie dollar being so much less than the american dollar.. i can't really buy all the things i want anymore.. im more budget conscious! heres some things i want and know you will too !! and won't burn a whole through your pockets !!

1. From
13 PC Brush Set
well you can never have too many brushes.. and these are FULL SIZE and cost $16.95 !!
who wouldn't want to buy a set at that price?! i would !! once pay day rolls by !!

26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette
im a blush girl. i put blush on my cheeks all the time ! because if i don't i would certainly look zombie-like ! and this palette from coastal scents is awesome !! it has blushes that i know i certainly would use and matte and shimmer shadows that are i think are neutral shades !! i love it and its certainly on my list !! this awesome palette costs $21.95 !!

2. From

Color Infusion Botanical Lipsticks
im a lipstick girl.. if i ever get caught without anything on.. chances are im wearing lipstick. i have lipstick on all day everyday ! but i also have very sensitive skin and lips.. i am allergic to MOST lipsticks.. they make me itch and give me a disgusting rash but these lipsticks from aromaleigh are 100% laden with mineral oils !! no harsh chemicals and at only $5.21 why not buy all the lovely shades ?! i recommend coquette, crush and nuance !!

Gothic Lolita Nourishing Color Creme



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