Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another EDM order..

Posted by jacqui at 6:30 PM
ive lost every bit of patience holding me back from ordering again ! i just couldn't help it !! i blame it on the new lip colors and the limited time only lavender concealer !! anyway i spent $125.90US on two super kits and a sample kit.. that equates to $180.00 my money.. ive been trying to desperately save but to no avail !! i should really try disconnecting my internet hahaha but anyway when the package arrives it should make me happy !!! cant wait to get it !!

heres what i ordered :

  • warm sandy medium (semi matte)
  • warm medium beige summer
  • warm medium beige
  • sunday brunch blush (matte)
  • lavender color corrector
  • 2 flat top brushes (heheh i loved my first so i ordered some more!)
  • angled blush brush
  • 5 warm sandy medium (3semi matte) & (2 matte)
  • 2 olive medium (1semi matte) & (1matte)
  • medium beige summer (semi matte)
  • text message blush
  • sprung! blush
  • intensive tan concealer
  • kaolin powder - soft bronze
  • foptic brush
  • eye kabuki
  • plum dust blush
  • 2 lavender color corrector
  • bisque color corrector
  • NR medium bronzer
  • sprinkler slide
  • lavender murmuru lip balm



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