Saturday, November 29, 2008

so sick..

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hey guys.. sorry for not updating my blog.. ive come down with the flu/cold lately due to the change of weather.. ive been feeling worse for wear lately.. i cant even talk !! my voice is so hoarse =( nehoos..i shall go back to blogging when i feel better !! love u guys xox

Sunday, November 23, 2008

chicken & mushroom way !!

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hey guys as i said in my previous post ive fallen in love with muffin break C&M quiche.. so much so that ive decided to "replicate" it !! i made it last night and it is sooooooooooooo like muffin breaks one !! only mine had more flavour !! so here is the recipe guys !! enjoy ! maybe make it tonight for dinner?? hhehehehe

chicken breast (chopped into small cubes)
champignon mushrooms (chopped finely )
6 eggs
1/2 cup thickened cream
maggi magic sarap
1/2 cup finely grated swiss cheese
pie cases


chop the chicken breast and mushrooms. beat the eggs and add the mushrooms swiss cheese and thickened cream. rub some maggi magic sarap on your diced chicken, this will give it a more meaty flavour whe you add it into the egg mixture. lightly fry the chicken until cooked then add the chicken into the egg mixture. pour the egg mixture into the pie cases and bake for 20-30 mins on 125c.. cooking time should depend on your oven.. when the egg rises and is golden at the top its finished !!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ive fallen in love.. with muffin break quiche's !!

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i think the title says it all.. ive fallen head over heels with muffin breaks chicken and mushroom quiche.. it is the best quiche i have ever had (well it is the 2nd one ive ever had)!! i mean i dont usually buy quiche's because i just dont find them appetizing.. but the quiche at muffin break is so nice......its just the right taste and its low in fat !! i mean it is the best thing since salad !! lols.. so now im addicted to them.. mmmm would like to have some now........

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i made sinigang !!

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im so happy i had to share it with you guys !! i made sinigang today !! this is the first time i made it !! and it actually looks like the real thing !! and tastes like the real thing !! im so happy !! lol.. i don't usually cook lutong bahay !! so im happy that my sinigang turned out great !! woo !!

natural looking mineral make up.. the jackii way

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i know alot of my friends are too scared to use mineral make up.. i guess mineral make up is for people who want to "enhance" their looks instead of "changing" your looks. i dont normally put make up on and when i do no one knows the difference ! i really really love my mineral make up..
im going to teach you guys how i do my make up.. heheheh

1. wash your face !! the only way make up is going to look natural and even is if you wash your face.. i know some girls look like they just put make up on when they just woke up.. THATS A BIG NONO !! i dont usually use any commercial cleansers because i have really really sensitive skin.. even nivea sensitive doesn't work for me so i use johnsons and johnsons baby soap.

hehehe foto op !! me with baby soap on my face

2. Moisturise. i know guys i missed a step.. i dont tone my face because it hurts my skin to the point where i cant smile. so if you guys normally tone in your routine then go ahead . choose a moisturiser that works with your skin. if you have very sensitive skin like me you can use either BioSkincare or Palmers Skin Brightener ! i do prefer BioSkincare but i also love Palmers Skin Brightener. i bought BioSkincare from i think it was or you can google it. it even gets rid of acne scars !! awesome right? .. i dont have acne scars though because i never had acne.. i mean thank god for that !! but it did even out my skin tone on my face so i highly recommend it !! if you want glowing & dewy looking skin i would recommend palmers because it really does make your face a good way that is ! and it has sunscreen which is a plus !! i prefer wearing it during nights out so my face is more noticeable !! hehehe

they're both good !!
3. after the moisturiser has dried/absorbed by the skin apply concealer to areas you want to conceal. make sure you apply concealer lightly.. you wouldnt want it so thick that it becomes the focal point in your face.

4. the good bit !! apply your mineral foundation. i use revlon mineral foundation in 06 medium. i've used other brands but most of them are too pricey to keep buying and the cheap ones are just bad. i recommend bare escentuals to those who can afford it ;) hehehhe i really really like their range of mineral make up i use their mineral lipstick, eyebrow kit, and mascara. so anyway.. all you need is a small amount of foundation to cover the face.

swirl a small amount of mineral foundation for a few seconds to "heat" it up making application easier and even.
tap your kabuki brush to so you don't have too much excess powder for even coverage.
now you can apply to your face !! do the tzone first and apply through out the face from the inside out !! apply in a circular motion !!

and you're done !! you can apply all the other stuff like mascara, blush , lipstic etc to complete your look !!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

new new home !!

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hey guys !! i now redirected this blog on and heres my new address !! its easier to remember !! heheheh

heart is officially a BRAT !!

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i came across this recent article from PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that says Heart Evangelista admitted she was "bratty" and "difficult to work with". for me this is the first time i heard that Heart has an attitude problem. i mean i heard about Marian Rivera and Kristine Hermosa having diva attitudes but WOW !! who would've guessed? okay so here's what she said

credits to

well i admire her for admitting that she has an attitude problem.. i mean which tv personality doesn't have diva attitude. i can only guess that most of them act like they're better than everybody else just because everybody else considers them beautiful/rich/talented. i can only imagine how hard it must be for someone in the showbiz business to find somebody genuine to be friends with. with all these hoo-haa on who's more popular than who. it takes alot of guts to pinpoint your flaws so to heart.. good on you !! change starts with pinpointing your flaws !!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MMK .. "Leather Shoes"

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did you guys watch MMK last night on TFC?? i think Geoff Eigenman is getting so so much better with acting.. i didn't used to take notice of him because i thought his acting is abit OA especially in that movie with heart evangelista.. i forgot the name of it though.. =p hehehehe.. maja salvador is also getting better at her craft !! at least this time they both had a chance to shine. really prove themselves to the public ! i thought they did a great job !! what do you think?


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is anybody else having trouble with friendster?? i cant seem to be able to go on =( it says some stupid crap like bad url etc etc !!

Friday, November 14, 2008

obsessed much?? =S

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okay i know i told you guys about my weird dream with sam milby.. well guess what?! i dreamed a weird dream again !! and no its not with sam milby..hes gay in my book !! only because he looks charing in his poses when taking pictures ! anyway i had a dream..actually i quite enjoyed this one since its of my ONE AND ONLY !! Jon Avila !! i dreamt that we were grocery shopping together somewhere.. then he asked me to make him wantons !! LOL i know weird right?! ahh my overactive imagination !! lols i think my infatuation with Jon Avila is now starting to haunt me in my sleep !!

another day.. at harbour town !!

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went to harbour town today.. we went out for late night in the city ! i went with my two lovely cousins.. shaun & phoebe. as you all know im trying to save money lately so i allowed myself a budget of $65.00. this is a very hard task for me because usually when i go to harbour town i spend at least $200. but today i was very proud of myself ! i only spent $45.00 !! heres what i spent it on !!

1. Authentic Playboy Tee from Awol.
RRP: $69.95 bought for $4.95
2. Jewellery Organizer & matching Journal from Tazza's
RRP: $20.00 bought for $5.00 & RRP: $15.00 bought for $3.95
3. Toddler Bonds singlet from The Underwear Shop
RRP: $6.00 each. bought for $1.50 [i bought six !!]
4. Toddler Bonds Fleece Jumper from The Underwear Shop
RRP: $29.95 bought for $14.99

total spent on shopping : $37.90
total spent on parking :$7.00
overall: $45.00 approx.
aren't i great? im so happy i actually went under my budget !! after going shopping we went to Utopia in northbridge where we got bubble tea's before having dinner. Utopia is always busy on friday nights due to the fact that the city is open till 9 ! anyhoo we waited a long time in utopia ! we got to chatting and saw this weird freaky looking doll that used to shake the tea's with a shaker.. its fully retired now.. poor things hand were tied to the shaker. overall it was another awesome night.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

extremely weird..

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i had a dream a few months ago that i just can't stop thinking about and baffle's the crap out of me. im not a fanatic person. to be honest i don't have anybody i like in showbiz. i mean yes they're good looking but what good does good looks do? so i was puzzled when i had a dream about sam.. no not the sam down the road but Sam Milby. Sam Milby is an ex PBB housemate i think?? im not even sure! anyway i had a really really really realistic dream of him. we were in a department store or something and he asked me to marry him !! LOL and i jumped up because i was sitting on a ledge and hugged him..this is the part that baffled me. i am not a sam milby fan. actually when the rumour of him and piolo being gay was out..i have to say i firmly believed it ! so this dream really puzzled me. i still cant forget it though

the feeling..

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if i could describe myself in one word i would use ordinary. ordinary because there really is nothing special about me. even my hair is ordinary. thats how ordinary i am. i'm not a believer of love. i've been down that road before. you trust someone with all you have..only to have them tear you apart.
everyday is an ordinary day for me..everything i do is routine. it happened unexpectedly on a sunday.. an ordinary sunday.. everything went by without a hitch..
"kris wake up !" my mum screeched through the doorway
"we're going to church early today !" she said moments later
i struggle to peel my eyes open. i can sense it was too early in the morning, but i forced myself to get up, knowing my mum i know it was going to be a losing battle on my behalf if i dont get up when she tells me to. i drag half asleep body to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready for church.
"urghhh" i say to myself as focus on the image in the mirror before me.
"hurry up !! we're going to be late !!" my mum screamed
i hop into the shower in record time. so fast it could've been on the guiness.
i struggled to find "appropriate" clothes to wear so just decided on a high waisted long skirt and a white t-shirt.
it was a long drowsy drive at church. you could say i was driving half asleep.

call me crazy..

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i've had this idea lurking in my head for awhile now.. actually its more like a little scenario being played out in my head. so i decided id share it with everybody here on my new blog. i must remind you that i am not a professional writer.. so it might sound really dull.. especially the way its portrayed :) . anyhow enjoy it and any criticism is always welcome !! especially if its for improvement !!

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