Thursday, November 13, 2008

extremely weird..

Posted by jacqui at 7:53 PM
i had a dream a few months ago that i just can't stop thinking about and baffle's the crap out of me. im not a fanatic person. to be honest i don't have anybody i like in showbiz. i mean yes they're good looking but what good does good looks do? so i was puzzled when i had a dream about sam.. no not the sam down the road but Sam Milby. Sam Milby is an ex PBB housemate i think?? im not even sure! anyway i had a really really really realistic dream of him. we were in a department store or something and he asked me to marry him !! LOL and i jumped up because i was sitting on a ledge and hugged him..this is the part that baffled me. i am not a sam milby fan. actually when the rumour of him and piolo being gay was out..i have to say i firmly believed it ! so this dream really puzzled me. i still cant forget it though



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