Thursday, November 13, 2008

the feeling..

Posted by jacqui at 3:25 AM
if i could describe myself in one word i would use ordinary. ordinary because there really is nothing special about me. even my hair is ordinary. thats how ordinary i am. i'm not a believer of love. i've been down that road before. you trust someone with all you have..only to have them tear you apart.
everyday is an ordinary day for me..everything i do is routine. it happened unexpectedly on a sunday.. an ordinary sunday.. everything went by without a hitch..
"kris wake up !" my mum screeched through the doorway
"we're going to church early today !" she said moments later
i struggle to peel my eyes open. i can sense it was too early in the morning, but i forced myself to get up, knowing my mum i know it was going to be a losing battle on my behalf if i dont get up when she tells me to. i drag half asleep body to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready for church.
"urghhh" i say to myself as focus on the image in the mirror before me.
"hurry up !! we're going to be late !!" my mum screamed
i hop into the shower in record time. so fast it could've been on the guiness.
i struggled to find "appropriate" clothes to wear so just decided on a high waisted long skirt and a white t-shirt.
it was a long drowsy drive at church. you could say i was driving half asleep.



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