Friday, February 27, 2009

mineral make up directory

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here are some mineral foundation sites i found on the internet that ship to Australia.
hope you like it guys.!!
their 7 piece starter pack is $150.00AU
and sample packs (any 3) is $9.95AU
spend $250 AU and you get a free pro brush set
theres only 8 color choices :(
abit over priced for me
free sampler kit with 3 foundation, 1 blush/bronzer, 1 finishing veil
and 1 concealer (you only have to pay for shipping !!)
39 foundation shades to choose from ranging from light to very dark
full sized foundations are $12.00US very affordable and cheaper than others
got a very nice brush set here (im still waiting for it!) for $8.00US !!
that is a bargain
very very cheap kits ! one kit with a brush and foundation and satin finish veil is $35.00US and their other basics kit is $25.00US which includes the foundation, 1 blush/bronzer and two eyeshadows (all full size!)
their mineral starter kit starts at $29.00US with 3 full sized products
if you order only samples its free shipping worldwide!!
orders of $75.00US or more also get free shipping worldwide !!
they have 2 types of mineral foundation one is medium/heavy coverage called Hollywood FACE BASE and another light/medium coverage foundation called NoHoGlo FACE Base basically both have a wide selection of colors but i love how they have two different types of coverage !!
their flawless face starter kit starts at $40.00US comes with foundation and baby buki, blush and a finishing veil. mineral foundations are $18.50
im not sure if they post to australia
they have a HUGE selection of mineral foundation in powder and liquid an awesome eyebrow colors and really really nice blushers. they also have samples for $0.75US each (in a bag) and $1.50US (in a shifter jar) you could even get their liquid foundations in samples !! for $4.00US
their satin matte foundation won the 2008 natural solutions award for best foundation. huge rang of colors to choose from. im not so sure if they do ship to Australia.
their 7 peice starter kit is $50.00US though i haven't heard anything about this company before but they have an extensive lip range !!
awesome site, easy to navigate unlike some mineral websites. their basic kit is 34 pounds.. i guess thats double and a bit in Australian dollars.. abit pricey if you ask me.. mineral foundations are 12 pounds and sample are 1 pound each.
free shipping on orders $50.00US and above !! (thats awesome if you ask me!) their deluxe sample packs are $25.00 but that includes 6 mineral foundations (your choice) and 10 mineral powders! (bronzers,veils,concealer, blush,eyeshadow..etc) and includes a long handled baby kabuki !! they also have individual samples for sale $9.00 for 12 bags and $14.00US for 20 bags !! and they have a lovely vegan brush set for $32.50US

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

gorgeous finds !!

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autumn is just around the corner.. well for me anyway and i am on a very early hunt for a.. you guessed it ! a cute beanie !! ive always had this obsession with beanies in winter.. i go through every shop i could and find one that i like but unfortunately if you buy from chain stores alot of other girls have the same beanie/beret as you. well here is what i found on the net !! some very very cute gorgeous ones !! i found these on =)

the pom poms and wooden buttons give this beanie a cute and unique style !! i love it !! and will be purchasing one when i have the money !! this costs $56.00 AU on dhgate

i thought this beanie looked pretty funky. it is also revirsible !! great for going jogging because you can put your pony tail through !! this one is $37.00 AU on dhgate

another cute beanie with little pompom tassels at the back !! oh i want them all !! this one is $40.00 AU on dhgate

signature minerals.. after the transformation !

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im finally posting up some pic AFTER signature minerals.. my camera is playing up and somehow deleted the before photos by itself.. needless to say just imagine how i looked without make up on.. similar to the one on the everyday minerals post ! well here it is !!

so anyway here i am with signature minerals on.. please note i only had 2 hours sleep that day hence the "zombie" look on my face ! now i will post pics up of one finished with signature and one everyday.. you be the judge !!

ps. i did notice a very significant change in my skin.. this morning i woke up completely blemish free.. like ive been airbrushed since ive been using signature minerals. dont get me wrong i dont have bad skin.. i just get little tiny bumps across my forehead and they seem to have disappeared !! that is a bonus for me anyway =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my signature minerals have arrived !!

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my signature minerals have finally arrived !! they are not as filled up as the everyday minerals but i will try them out tomorrow and post up before and after pics.. and also put my verdict up !! hehehe but for now i am off to bed because i am tired !!

Monday, February 23, 2009

playing around with my everyday minerals samples

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as soon as i received the little pots of joy (literally)! i had to try them out ! i did have a little trouble with the eyebrow powder but managed in the end ! here is my before & after pictures !!

roar !! here i am bare faced an so ugly !! (before the make up !)

heres the tools i used

here i have:
- eyebrow gel ( to shape eyebrows after filling in )
- mineral lipstick in nude shell shade (by Maybelline)
- baby kabuki
- concealer brush
- eyebrow brush
- blush brush
- everyday minerals in the following :
+ PEACH color corrector
+ MEDIUM SUMMER original glo foundation
+ DARK BROWN eyebrow powder
+ SWIMMING POOL shimmering blush

here is what i look like after the make up !! oh the miracle !!

dead fish no more !! i love it !! it gave my face some life without looking overly "made up"
give it a try !! you know you want to !!

my everyday minerals has finally come !!

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i just had to blog about this !! my everyday minerals have finally come !! though it took like 3 weeks? i dont know but hey its here !! i love the mini pots ! so nice and cute and its filled right to the top ! these samples are gonna last me ages !! no doubt !!
ps. the brushes, eyebrow gel & lipstick are not from everyday minerals.. only the cute little pots !!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day !!

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happy valentines day everyone !!!!!

what are you doing this valentines day?? well unfortunately for me.. i am alone yet again this valentines day.. smelly is still working is ass off up north to make us some $$$. i hope he comes back home soon [hint*hint] i spent all night..and the early hours of valentines day at..dum dum dum.. the casino !! lost like 13 dollars on those stupid coin thing machines.. [hehe i didnt know how to play!] learned my lesson now !! not touching that shiz again !! anyway i wanted to share with you guys what i got for smelly this valentines day ! he will get this in a few days when i send it !! lols.. dw guys he already knows what it is.. just doesnt know what is written on it !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what the??

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i bought something off ebay the other day. you know how much i spend on whitening products?? alot of bloody money thats what ! well anyway i bought this electronicic whitening facial cleanser off ebay.. the description of the product sounded too good to be true but i bidded for it anyway here is what it looks like on the auction

and this is what it looks like when i got it ! i know you'll be as shocked as i am !!

this "apparently remove crows feet" lol thats china marketing for you !!

it doesnt look half bad from far away.. the top of the lid even says "skin expert" !!

see i told you you'd be shocked !! i dont even know if the thing works.. apparently it realeses "ions" or something like that it doesnt move or at least vibrate so it makes you look like an idiot swirling that thing around your face over and over and over again.. and since i am quite an idiot.. heres a parting shot for you guys !!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

everyday minerals vs. signature minerals

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i know i know.. i am forever searching for that "perfect" mineral foundation. ever since i found out that the revlon colorstay mineral foundation was not "real" mineral make up because it had talc in it i had to switch !! no wonder it made my skin look kinda gross ! i have made a tonne of mineral foundation purchases to no avail.. i always find the wrong color !! i have used maybelline new york mineral foundation.. would've been great since it is so affordable and so readily available but i find that none of their colors seem to match my yellowy brownish asian coloration ! i also tried mary kay mineral foundation in beige 2.. but only made matters worse.. it made my face look dirty because it was way too dark.. i payed $37.00 for this on ebay ='{ but dont get me wrong the powder was so nice and smooth but it was just the wrong color for me ! oh and i love the mary kay flat top mineral foundation brush !! that i would use !! i have been scouting countless internet forums in search of the perfect foundations ! and finally i came to two conclusions Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals whats great about them is they both offer FREE thats right ! FREE SAMPLE KITS !! i love it !! its like a risk free try all you can and find what you like thing !! i have ordered free samples from both !

you can get your free sample too !!
click here + for Everyday Minerals sample kit
click here + for Signature Minerals sample kit

both everyday minerals and signature minerals give you 6 samples.. everyday minerals lets you have 3 foundation sample 1 face sample and 1 finishing. remember to read the description of the products before adding to your cart !!

signature minerals will let you have 6 samples also of any combination you want. you can have blushes, foundations, concealers, finishing powders and eye colors. personally i didnt know which to choose from the color choices but i decided to look at their before and after profiles of people who have tried their products for "inspiration" luckily i found someone who nearly has the same skin as me and got everything that person had aswell ! i hope it works out for me too !! lol

dont forget that you do have to pay for the shipping of these items !! i hope you guys try these out with me too !! i will let you know how it goes when the items arrive and i will post up before and after pics too !!~

quite long holiday

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well okay.. i know i havent blogged in a long time.. but trust me i have good reason for it.. wait for it.. i was.. LAZY yes that is the sad truth i was lazy. i think it has something to do with my birth control pills.. they make me have almost severe [sometimes] backpains !! make me cranky as an old dog and make me lazy ! so anyway im off them now and im back baby !! heheh

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