Tuesday, February 10, 2009

everyday minerals vs. signature minerals

Posted by jacqui at 9:58 PM
i know i know.. i am forever searching for that "perfect" mineral foundation. ever since i found out that the revlon colorstay mineral foundation was not "real" mineral make up because it had talc in it i had to switch !! no wonder it made my skin look kinda gross ! i have made a tonne of mineral foundation purchases to no avail.. i always find the wrong color !! i have used maybelline new york mineral foundation.. would've been great since it is so affordable and so readily available but i find that none of their colors seem to match my yellowy brownish asian coloration ! i also tried mary kay mineral foundation in beige 2.. but only made matters worse.. it made my face look dirty because it was way too dark.. i payed $37.00 for this on ebay ='{ but dont get me wrong the powder was so nice and smooth but it was just the wrong color for me ! oh and i love the mary kay flat top mineral foundation brush !! that i would use !! i have been scouting countless internet forums in search of the perfect foundations ! and finally i came to two conclusions Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals whats great about them is they both offer FREE thats right ! FREE SAMPLE KITS !! i love it !! its like a risk free try all you can and find what you like thing !! i have ordered free samples from both !

you can get your free sample too !!
click here + for Everyday Minerals sample kit
click here + for Signature Minerals sample kit

both everyday minerals and signature minerals give you 6 samples.. everyday minerals lets you have 3 foundation sample 1 face sample and 1 finishing. remember to read the description of the products before adding to your cart !!

signature minerals will let you have 6 samples also of any combination you want. you can have blushes, foundations, concealers, finishing powders and eye colors. personally i didnt know which to choose from the color choices but i decided to look at their before and after profiles of people who have tried their products for "inspiration" luckily i found someone who nearly has the same skin as me and got everything that person had aswell ! i hope it works out for me too !! lol

dont forget that you do have to pay for the shipping of these items !! i hope you guys try these out with me too !! i will let you know how it goes when the items arrive and i will post up before and after pics too !!~



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