Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what the??

Posted by jacqui at 7:54 PM
i bought something off ebay the other day. you know how much i spend on whitening products?? alot of bloody money thats what ! well anyway i bought this electronicic whitening facial cleanser off ebay.. the description of the product sounded too good to be true but i bidded for it anyway here is what it looks like on the auction

and this is what it looks like when i got it ! i know you'll be as shocked as i am !!

this "apparently remove crows feet" lol thats china marketing for you !!

it doesnt look half bad from far away.. the top of the lid even says "skin expert" !!

see i told you you'd be shocked !! i dont even know if the thing works.. apparently it realeses "ions" or something like that it doesnt move or at least vibrate so it makes you look like an idiot swirling that thing around your face over and over and over again.. and since i am quite an idiot.. heres a parting shot for you guys !!



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