Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Aspirin Mask Phenomena

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maybe you've heard it maybe you haven't but right now the beauty world is abuzz with this cost efficient and miraculous mask. any keen beauty freak like myself i was curious.. aspirin?? but after reading countless of threads (click here to read) on aspirin masks i decided to take the plunge. as you all know from my previous posts i have extremely sensitive skin. anything i do has to be "patch tested" first or else my face would have a sad and swell (like a blowfish!). i used my own recipe in making the aspirin mask you can tweak it or change anything you don't like

What You Need:
  • panadol paracetamol tablets. remember to make sure to buy TABLETS not CAPSULES or else you would have a hard time peeling the casing off ! crush the panadol tablets and add into the honey, i used 12 tablets.
  • honey. use as much or as little as you want. as i said tweak it !! i used 2 spoon full because i hate the smell of honey
  • jojoba oil. this is optional ! i added 3 drops just for a little moisturizing for my skin !
mix all the ingredients together and voila !! some people use this recipe as a scrub but i find it really good as a mask.. sometimes i don't even add honey in especially when i am spot treating pimples ! i must say i am now an aspirin mask devotee ! it made my pores smaller and my skin smoother ! its inexpensive and easy to make, what more do you want??
here's me with my aspirin mask without honey

Monday, May 18, 2009

EDM Mothers Day Kit & other EDM goodies!!

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i know mother's day has passed but a few days ago i just received my mothers day kit from EDM !! i totally love love the bamboo kabuki !! i really want another one but i think they are limited edition only and comes with the new mom blush.

i super love the new mom blush !! it just has enough red to give that
natural looking "winter flush" even on my tanned skin !!

i am so in love with the bamboo kabuki !! the bamboo kabuki is the same
as the long handled kabuki but only a shorter handle ! i find shorter handles
give more precision in application !! it is super full also !! i love EDM brushes.

my free sample and eyeshadow samples !!
i love the bold glittery blue of anna karenina and the black eyeliner !!
butterfly kisses doesn't seem to show against my skin.. il make it work somehow..


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heres my FOTD !! i've just done a natural looking face using mineral makeup by wet application.
** i find that applying minerals "wet" gives a heavier coverage.. great for those who break out using intensive formula !! i love using the "wet" technique when my skin is redder than usual. **

EDM peach concealer applied on under eyes and nose area
(applied wet with damp sponge)
EDM medium beige summer
(base, applied wet with damp sponge & applied dry to set)
EDM new mom blush on cheeks
Benefit Beneting on lips
Revlon Liptint on lips

Shoes Shoes Shoes !!

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i am in desperate need of fabulous shoes. i came to this conclusion when i went out for dinner last wednesday with the same pair of shoes i wear everyday, day in and day out. don't get me wrong, i have alot of shoes.. its just that i don't wear them as often as i would like to because they are either too big (bought on the internet) or hard to walk in ! so i decided to "treat" myself with a few pairs of new shoes !! i bought them all from marketplaceaustralia !!

JOLIE high heeled ankle boots in BLACK

JOLIE elegant high heeled gray pumps
JOLIE comfitz ballet flat shoes

JOLIE jojo ballet flat shoesall these beautiful shoes cost me $116.50 now thats a bargain
especially since i bought 4 pairs !!


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its finally done ladies !! i have finally updated and "spiced" up my layout !! i totally love it !! too bad i couldn't change my web address ! but oh well all's well that ends well ! i have alot of things to blog about so there will be alot of new post starting today ! watch this space !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

editing my layout

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hi ladies !!
just wanted to get a heads up on the blog being down for the next 3 days as i am giving my blog a makeover !! so hopefully i'll be finished in 3 days ! new stuff will be up also !!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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i am sad to say.. i am sick with the flu again.! i think this is the second time this autumn.. unfortunately that just goes to show how weak my immune system is. i love cold weather since australian summers are very very very hot (40+degrees anyone??) but this is just ridiculous ! i am nearly always sick ALL WINTER every year. i should just stop the blabbering :( i feel awful !!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Bargain Buys this week !

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here's my bargain buy for the week guys !! got them all from AWW !!

MAC Studio Mist Foundation in Summer

MAC Sheer Select Pressed Powder in NC40
$13.99USBenefit Benetint Mini

Organizing My Makeup !

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i got this A4 organizer from bunnings warehouse

its been a few weeks since i felt the NEED to de-clutter my bathroom. my makeup brushes and other things are always getting in my way or (sometimes) knocked off the counter ! so i decided to go to bunnings and get a rubbish bin for my bathroom and an organizer to store all my cosmetic goodies in !

yay my edm has finally arrived !!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

FOTD & Review: MAC mineralize liquid foundation

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**note: i didn't use any concealer hence the dark circles**

What I used:
MAC mineralized liquid foundation NC40
Signature Minerals blush in Adobe Sun
Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust
Everyday Minerals Dark Brown Brow Powder
Bare Escentuals Gossamer
Revlon Beyond Natural Liptint in Berry

since my cousin's wedding is coming i've been searching for a good foundation to use on the special day especially i am one of her brides maid and i would be in ALOT of the wedding photos so obviously i wanted to look great ! my cousin is getting married in august.. though i know its 3 months away i really really wanted to test some foundations out before the big day.. drugstore brands just don't work for me.. i have picky skin *lol* so i decided to "invest" some money on MAC's mineralize liquid foundation $48.00 at MAC counters. i got the NC40 shade and to my surprise it was lovely.. tested it out last night when i went out to a family dinner and i can tell you that my foundation didn't feather off and stay put all night ! i also didn't have any shine at all my face stayed matte all night despite the fact that i was busy running after my two year old and my little cousin. overall i think it is well worth the price.. you really get what you paid for !!

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