Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Aspirin Mask Phenomena

Posted by jacqui at 10:17 PM
maybe you've heard it maybe you haven't but right now the beauty world is abuzz with this cost efficient and miraculous mask. any keen beauty freak like myself i was curious.. aspirin?? but after reading countless of threads (click here to read) on aspirin masks i decided to take the plunge. as you all know from my previous posts i have extremely sensitive skin. anything i do has to be "patch tested" first or else my face would have a sad and swell (like a blowfish!). i used my own recipe in making the aspirin mask you can tweak it or change anything you don't like

What You Need:
  • panadol paracetamol tablets. remember to make sure to buy TABLETS not CAPSULES or else you would have a hard time peeling the casing off ! crush the panadol tablets and add into the honey, i used 12 tablets.
  • honey. use as much or as little as you want. as i said tweak it !! i used 2 spoon full because i hate the smell of honey
  • jojoba oil. this is optional ! i added 3 drops just for a little moisturizing for my skin !
mix all the ingredients together and voila !! some people use this recipe as a scrub but i find it really good as a mask.. sometimes i don't even add honey in especially when i am spot treating pimples ! i must say i am now an aspirin mask devotee ! it made my pores smaller and my skin smoother ! its inexpensive and easy to make, what more do you want??
here's me with my aspirin mask without honey



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