Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

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I know Christmas is just around the corner but I'm gonna list the things I want and cross out what I actually get !

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy - I fell in love with the scent and just couldn't give up $150 for a bottle.. lols im guilty of being stingy.. on myself !
2. Olympus e450 DSLR Camera - I've been wanting an slr camera for ages and wouldn't it be great to snap pics of my new little one when it arrives?!
3. Rayban Mirrored Aviators - I swapped my mirrored one with my hubbys gold aviators and I accidentally broke the gold one.. now I have no sunglasses to wear !
4. Gift card.. from target/kmart/big w - Well I would love to get one of these just because I want to stock up on baby items while they're on sale !

Thats about all of the things I want right now. Its not much but hopefully I get my slr !! Can't wait for Christmas !!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Etude House : Baby Skin Veiling Pact & Code B Cream Liner

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Baby Skin Veiling Pact SPF 22

Moist Veiling Coverage for Baby Soft Skin.

Sheer powder coverage with moist sensation supplies SPF22, PA++, vitamin E and moisture for baby soft skin presentation.


First of all I absolutely love the smell of this gorgeous powder ! Smells like baby powder but not as strong, very subtle. The powder itself is very fine, almost to the same grade as mineral powder but you don't have to "buff" the powder into the skin as it adheres very well. As for color I got the #2 Natural Beige and I must say I was skeptical about the color before I purchased, I knew it was either going to be too dark or too light but not with this! I was extremely happy to have the powder nicely blend with my skin tone ( I wear beige neutral in everyday minerals). The powder is very light and I would say it is comparable to mineral makeup, I didn't feel like I had it on and it certainly didn't look like I had anything on! The compact itself is very pretty compared to the normal plain round ones available on western cosmetics. I really love taking this out of my purse because its a total eye catcher in pearly pink !

Overall I give this a 4.5 out of 5 simply because I would've loved it if the compact was bigger but what the hey?! Its almost perfect !

Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner

Cream textured eyeliner supplies smooth, adhesion for long lasting smoky eyes. (Comes with Makeup Brush)


This is my first dable into the unknown.. I have never used cream or gel liner before, but I'm glad I stumbled upon this little gem! I got the liner in #01 Strong Black and I must say that it is the blackest eyeliner I have ever come across. Application was easy in terms of how smooth the eyeliner went but I had difficulty making a thin line and controlling my pressure on the brush. I was surprised at how soft the eyeliner was because it looked like it was hard but as soon as I dipped my brush into the jar I knew it would be best if I go softly next time! A little goes a long way with this product as it is very black and you wouldn't have to go over the line again to get that intensity sometimes hard to achieve with a pencil alone. I also love the little liner brush that comes with the liner but I hesitated to use it as it looked to nice to be used ! Both the liner and the brush come with a little keychain thingy that makes it easier to take with you and never get lost in your bag !

Overall I give this product a 5 out of 5. I couldn't find fault in it !!

Guess Who's Back?!

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Okay I admit I have neglected my blog for a few months, but could you forgive me?? I have been extremely busy these past few months.. especially now I'm expecting baby #2 !!! I must admit this came as an unexpected suprise but hey? Who am I to question gods doing right? Anyway this pregnancy has left me feeling very exhausted ! I am always feeling like I'm being dragged by my weight and seriously I could barely get myself up some days. I hope I start feeling better once I hit my second trimester and all this sluggish feeling will leave me to enjoy my pregnancy !! Hopefully I would be able to put life back on my blog and start updating again real soon !!

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