Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby weight = depression

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I have been feeling depressed this week, due to the fact that i look TERRIBLE. I know it's only been two months but I know I am very overweight now since having my second baby. I can't seem to look good in anything I wear and my mum keeps telling me she thinks im bigger than her *sigh* it's so depressing when people around you keep telling you that you are bigger than my case ALOT bigger! I have been thinking about joining the gym to try and shake some weight off me but as i stepped on a scale today I realized I have gained more than 26 kilos with my second baby. Why oh why has my body turned against me?! Why can't my body realize that I want to get rid of the weight when my baby is born??! Arhh so frustrating!! I can't believe I gained soo much weight when my baby was only 2.725kg when she was born! How unfair is that?! I could have at least had a bigger baby!!! huhuhuhu im so sad now =(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello World !!

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As you all know I haven't been posting for a long while due to not having internet connection (haha who can live without internet nowadays?! obviously me!! lol) and also being that I was pregnant just made things a whole lot more difficult to do especially with an energetic 3 year old on hand.

So anyway I finally had my baby !! I was glad to finally have it over..I swear if it went on any longer I would've gone insane !! My baby was born 10 days early from the due date because the doctors who took care of me decided it would be better for my sake and the babys if they induced me. They did however make me suffer before finally inducing me. I was in and out of hospital and also had to stay for few days due to my high blood pressure and they didn't want to "risk" anything with me as I had sever pre-eclampsia with my first born. Driving back and forth to hospital was starting to get at me not only was the parking TERRIBLE, the drive was excruciating as it took 40 mins just to get there. Imagine having to go through all that effort 3 times a week with a 3 year old !!! I was exhausted !!

At last it happened, on July 20, 2010 my baby girl Mikeila Jade was born weighing 2.725 kg. I was so lucky to have such an easy labour the second time around !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally !!

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hey ladies !!
guess who's got the internet back?! i was ALMOST dying without my internet connection but i still managed to pull through !! i was going crazy trying to check everything out on facebook mobile, which i must say they kept changing therefore I had trouble logging into my account. Anyhoo I am now 20 weeks pregnant !! Hooray I'm finally mid way through my pregnancy !! I had horrible backpain all through my first trimester and also my 4th month but luckily bubby has been nice to me and eazed the pressure off my back ! Hooray for mobility !! lol I was almost crippled from the pain and I could barely walk then !! so happy now that its not as bad as it used to be !!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i hate virgin wireless broadband

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the title practically sums up this post. I have been with virgin broadband for probably two years already but they always seem to never have a steady connection. That said i tend to loose my internet connection for days, sometimes even weeks (like now! Grrr!) if you are wondering how im actually typing this post out i am on my trusty nokia e71 (makes typing a breeze!!) but please virgin.. I would

Sunday, January 31, 2010

quick lil update!

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in less than 24 hours it will be february!! how quick does time fly?!
anyway guess what?! i am 14 weeks already ! *smiles* im on my second trimester !! it seems just like yesterday when i was feeling like crap and now look at me three months ahead !!..and still feeling like crap :(

my back is killing me. seriously i don't even have a visible baby bump *yet* but i feel like there is immense pressure on my back. luckily enough i haven't gained any weight yet..quite the contrary in fact i have lost weight ! i guess you could say i am fortunate this time around as i dont crave any junk food.. unlike my first where i ate 2 soft serve ice creams & apple pie from McDonalds EVERYDAY. i gained 30 kgs by the time i gave birth.. and i gave birth to a bean !! do you know how shocked i was to find out he was only 2.380kgs?! i was baffled.. i thought i was gonna have a big baby but there he was... tiny as a premie !! *LOL* anyway i am managing to control my backpain by using salonpas day in and day out. hehehhe enough of my pregnant bitching !!

anyway with february just around the corner i was starting to think about what to get hubby for valentines day. i dont think i will be getting him anything costly this year as we are awaiting our new lil bub and we need the money to cover hospital bills. maybe you can help me?? any ideas??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Mini Haul

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my little haul for today. will be putting the reviews up when i have more free time.


aren't the colors super pretty??
applied once, pretty vibrant color for a $3.50 eyeshadow



Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Resolutions !!

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( hopefully I would be able to do at least half of them )

1. Finally sit my STAT test.
okay okay I've honestly been holding this off for 2 years now but something just keeps coming up on me ! :(

2. Thoroughly clean my room every weekend.
lets face it, its hard to clean when you have kids. enough said

3. Not to buy any baby items until I find out the sex of my lil one.
realisticly this is very hard for me to do. i have been scouring through shops since the boxing day sales and i have *thank god* resisted pretty well.. for now

4. Move out of my parents home.
the opportunity is finally so close ! hubbys buying us a house as soon as he has time to search for a decent one within our price range !

5. Loose weight after baby.
i gained 30 kgs during my first pregnancy and lost half now im on my second pregnancy and i am taking better care of myself than first, but hopefully i dont gain another 30kgs or else i would have way too much weight to loose! :(

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Lenses !!!

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Hi all !!! I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year !! I haven't been blogging since because the hubby was here for the holidays and we wanted some quality time together, which is hard to do when you have a 3 year old.

My cousin is getting married on January 17 and I am lucky enough that she choose me to be one of her bridesmaids !! I guess you could say I'm way too excited for my own good !! I've already bought things I need for after the wedding ceremony so I can dance the night away ! My cousin has been generous enough to let us keep the bridesmaid dresses after the wedding though I wouldn't have a clue why I would want to wear it again but nevertheless its still awesome! I was quite worried that my cousin would get married later in the year but due to circumstances she had to fast forward her plans (thank god!) or I might not be able to fit into my dress !! Anyway since the wedding was coming up I decided to get myself some new lenses to wear since I will be photographed and all ! I wanted to look my best and of course not upstage the bride but anyway as always with shoppingnspree I got my lenses in record time !!! I don't buy my lenses from anyone else but felicia !!! I'm so happy with my purchases !!

Dueba Messish

Geo Magic Color
BC 101

Dueba Seashell
EO27 Hazel

Dueba Messish

Help me decide which one to wear for my cousin's wedding !! I will be posting pics of me wearing the lenses real so so stay tuned !!!

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