Sunday, January 31, 2010

quick lil update!

Posted by jacqui at 4:02 AM
in less than 24 hours it will be february!! how quick does time fly?!
anyway guess what?! i am 14 weeks already ! *smiles* im on my second trimester !! it seems just like yesterday when i was feeling like crap and now look at me three months ahead !!..and still feeling like crap :(

my back is killing me. seriously i don't even have a visible baby bump *yet* but i feel like there is immense pressure on my back. luckily enough i haven't gained any weight yet..quite the contrary in fact i have lost weight ! i guess you could say i am fortunate this time around as i dont crave any junk food.. unlike my first where i ate 2 soft serve ice creams & apple pie from McDonalds EVERYDAY. i gained 30 kgs by the time i gave birth.. and i gave birth to a bean !! do you know how shocked i was to find out he was only 2.380kgs?! i was baffled.. i thought i was gonna have a big baby but there he was... tiny as a premie !! *LOL* anyway i am managing to control my backpain by using salonpas day in and day out. hehehhe enough of my pregnant bitching !!

anyway with february just around the corner i was starting to think about what to get hubby for valentines day. i dont think i will be getting him anything costly this year as we are awaiting our new lil bub and we need the money to cover hospital bills. maybe you can help me?? any ideas??



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