Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Resolutions !!

Posted by jacqui at 9:14 PM
( hopefully I would be able to do at least half of them )

1. Finally sit my STAT test.
okay okay I've honestly been holding this off for 2 years now but something just keeps coming up on me ! :(

2. Thoroughly clean my room every weekend.
lets face it, its hard to clean when you have kids. enough said

3. Not to buy any baby items until I find out the sex of my lil one.
realisticly this is very hard for me to do. i have been scouring through shops since the boxing day sales and i have *thank god* resisted pretty well.. for now

4. Move out of my parents home.
the opportunity is finally so close ! hubbys buying us a house as soon as he has time to search for a decent one within our price range !

5. Loose weight after baby.
i gained 30 kgs during my first pregnancy and lost half now im on my second pregnancy and i am taking better care of myself than first, but hopefully i dont gain another 30kgs or else i would have way too much weight to loose! :(



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