Monday, May 18, 2009

EDM Mothers Day Kit & other EDM goodies!!

Posted by jacqui at 10:18 PM

i know mother's day has passed but a few days ago i just received my mothers day kit from EDM !! i totally love love the bamboo kabuki !! i really want another one but i think they are limited edition only and comes with the new mom blush.

i super love the new mom blush !! it just has enough red to give that
natural looking "winter flush" even on my tanned skin !!

i am so in love with the bamboo kabuki !! the bamboo kabuki is the same
as the long handled kabuki but only a shorter handle ! i find shorter handles
give more precision in application !! it is super full also !! i love EDM brushes.

my free sample and eyeshadow samples !!
i love the bold glittery blue of anna karenina and the black eyeliner !!
butterfly kisses doesn't seem to show against my skin.. il make it work somehow..


Anonymous said...

Hi,nice blog.
The mom`s blush looks wonderful, I think I have to buy a sample size of it. I love EDM and it`s great to find photos of these products on your blog.

Anonymous said...

how do you find the buff beige neutral? does it match? too brown? - yvonne


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