Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes !!

Posted by jacqui at 7:32 AM
i am in desperate need of fabulous shoes. i came to this conclusion when i went out for dinner last wednesday with the same pair of shoes i wear everyday, day in and day out. don't get me wrong, i have alot of shoes.. its just that i don't wear them as often as i would like to because they are either too big (bought on the internet) or hard to walk in ! so i decided to "treat" myself with a few pairs of new shoes !! i bought them all from marketplaceaustralia !!

JOLIE high heeled ankle boots in BLACK

JOLIE elegant high heeled gray pumps
JOLIE comfitz ballet flat shoes

JOLIE jojo ballet flat shoesall these beautiful shoes cost me $116.50 now thats a bargain
especially since i bought 4 pairs !!



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