Wednesday, February 25, 2009

gorgeous finds !!

Posted by jacqui at 8:29 PM
autumn is just around the corner.. well for me anyway and i am on a very early hunt for a.. you guessed it ! a cute beanie !! ive always had this obsession with beanies in winter.. i go through every shop i could and find one that i like but unfortunately if you buy from chain stores alot of other girls have the same beanie/beret as you. well here is what i found on the net !! some very very cute gorgeous ones !! i found these on =)

the pom poms and wooden buttons give this beanie a cute and unique style !! i love it !! and will be purchasing one when i have the money !! this costs $56.00 AU on dhgate

i thought this beanie looked pretty funky. it is also revirsible !! great for going jogging because you can put your pony tail through !! this one is $37.00 AU on dhgate

another cute beanie with little pompom tassels at the back !! oh i want them all !! this one is $40.00 AU on dhgate



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