Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day !!

Posted by jacqui at 4:56 PM
happy valentines day everyone !!!!!

what are you doing this valentines day?? well unfortunately for me.. i am alone yet again this valentines day.. smelly is still working is ass off up north to make us some $$$. i hope he comes back home soon [hint*hint] i spent all night..and the early hours of valentines day at..dum dum dum.. the casino !! lost like 13 dollars on those stupid coin thing machines.. [hehe i didnt know how to play!] learned my lesson now !! not touching that shiz again !! anyway i wanted to share with you guys what i got for smelly this valentines day ! he will get this in a few days when i send it !! lols.. dw guys he already knows what it is.. just doesnt know what is written on it !!!



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