Wednesday, February 25, 2009

signature minerals.. after the transformation !

Posted by jacqui at 4:54 PM
im finally posting up some pic AFTER signature minerals.. my camera is playing up and somehow deleted the before photos by itself.. needless to say just imagine how i looked without make up on.. similar to the one on the everyday minerals post ! well here it is !!

so anyway here i am with signature minerals on.. please note i only had 2 hours sleep that day hence the "zombie" look on my face ! now i will post pics up of one finished with signature and one everyday.. you be the judge !!

ps. i did notice a very significant change in my skin.. this morning i woke up completely blemish free.. like ive been airbrushed since ive been using signature minerals. dont get me wrong i dont have bad skin.. i just get little tiny bumps across my forehead and they seem to have disappeared !! that is a bonus for me anyway =)



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