Friday, November 14, 2008

another day.. at harbour town !!

Posted by jacqui at 7:09 AM
went to harbour town today.. we went out for late night in the city ! i went with my two lovely cousins.. shaun & phoebe. as you all know im trying to save money lately so i allowed myself a budget of $65.00. this is a very hard task for me because usually when i go to harbour town i spend at least $200. but today i was very proud of myself ! i only spent $45.00 !! heres what i spent it on !!

1. Authentic Playboy Tee from Awol.
RRP: $69.95 bought for $4.95
2. Jewellery Organizer & matching Journal from Tazza's
RRP: $20.00 bought for $5.00 & RRP: $15.00 bought for $3.95
3. Toddler Bonds singlet from The Underwear Shop
RRP: $6.00 each. bought for $1.50 [i bought six !!]
4. Toddler Bonds Fleece Jumper from The Underwear Shop
RRP: $29.95 bought for $14.99

total spent on shopping : $37.90
total spent on parking :$7.00
overall: $45.00 approx.
aren't i great? im so happy i actually went under my budget !! after going shopping we went to Utopia in northbridge where we got bubble tea's before having dinner. Utopia is always busy on friday nights due to the fact that the city is open till 9 ! anyhoo we waited a long time in utopia ! we got to chatting and saw this weird freaky looking doll that used to shake the tea's with a shaker.. its fully retired now.. poor things hand were tied to the shaker. overall it was another awesome night.



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