Tuesday, November 18, 2008

natural looking mineral make up.. the jackii way

Posted by jacqui at 4:45 PM
i know alot of my friends are too scared to use mineral make up.. i guess mineral make up is for people who want to "enhance" their looks instead of "changing" your looks. i dont normally put make up on and when i do no one knows the difference ! i really really love my mineral make up..
im going to teach you guys how i do my make up.. heheheh

1. wash your face !! the only way make up is going to look natural and even is if you wash your face.. i know some girls look like they just put make up on when they just woke up.. THATS A BIG NONO !! i dont usually use any commercial cleansers because i have really really sensitive skin.. even nivea sensitive doesn't work for me so i use johnsons and johnsons baby soap.

hehehe foto op !! me with baby soap on my face

2. Moisturise. i know guys i missed a step.. i dont tone my face because it hurts my skin to the point where i cant smile. so if you guys normally tone in your routine then go ahead . choose a moisturiser that works with your skin. if you have very sensitive skin like me you can use either BioSkincare or Palmers Skin Brightener ! i do prefer BioSkincare but i also love Palmers Skin Brightener. i bought BioSkincare from biocutis.com.. i think it was or you can google it. it even gets rid of acne scars !! awesome right? .. i dont have acne scars though because i never had acne.. i mean thank god for that !! but it did even out my skin tone on my face so i highly recommend it !! if you want glowing & dewy looking skin i would recommend palmers because it really does make your face glow..in a good way that is ! and it has sunscreen which is a plus !! i prefer wearing it during nights out so my face is more noticeable !! hehehe

they're both good !!
3. after the moisturiser has dried/absorbed by the skin apply concealer to areas you want to conceal. make sure you apply concealer lightly.. you wouldnt want it so thick that it becomes the focal point in your face.

4. the good bit !! apply your mineral foundation. i use revlon mineral foundation in 06 medium. i've used other brands but most of them are too pricey to keep buying and the cheap ones are just bad. i recommend bare escentuals to those who can afford it ;) hehehhe i really really like their range of mineral make up i use their mineral lipstick, eyebrow kit, and mascara. so anyway.. all you need is a small amount of foundation to cover the face.

swirl a small amount of mineral foundation for a few seconds to "heat" it up making application easier and even.
tap your kabuki brush to so you don't have too much excess powder for even coverage.
now you can apply to your face !! do the tzone first and apply through out the face from the inside out !! apply in a circular motion !!

and you're done !! you can apply all the other stuff like mascara, blush , lipstic etc to complete your look !!



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