Monday, April 27, 2009

Update: Kaminomoto Hair Tonic

Posted by jacqui at 8:28 PM
as i said in my previous post about Kaminimoto.. i have terribly damaged hair.. long story short i had my hair chemically straightened overseas and it ended up falling out BY THE HUNDREDS. i swear i had really thick long wavy hair before i got it chemically treated and it literally burned my hair off :( so when i came back to australia my hair was short, disgusting and was still snapping in half or falling off. I became desperate to repair the damage i tried deep conditioners even expensive hair treatments at salons but to no avail.. but now my hair is so healthy and shiny and long of course i did give my hair a break (no dying, bleaching, blowdrying) to give it some time to heal itself but that was not enough.. thank god for Kaminomoto !! it made my hair go back to normal and made it grow thicker and faster !! i swear it must be hair food or something !! my hair now is super soft and super thick !! it is also back to its *wavy* self but now i've learnt to take care of my hair and not put too much product into it. i love Kaminomoto and recommend it to everybody !!

here's me with my hair now.. no products (see the flyaways?!)
thanks to kaminomoto my hair has "body" now

here's the length of my hair now.. before i used kaminomoto
my hair was just sitting on my shoulder. the thin ends of my hair
is the remnants of the damaged hair before !!

i hope this pic shows just how thick my
hair has become..this is my hair halved..


Tinni on August 21, 2009 at 7:46 AM said...

Hey there, I just bought this oil today. I'm feeling a bit nervous because I've never use this sort of thing on my hair before. Don't want to lose more hair as my hair is already thin. Can you answer some of my questions?
1. Is it necessary to use it twice a day? (it's written on it)
2. I'm thinking about using it at night (before going to sleep) and shampooing the next day, is that okay?
3. Do I've to use it everyday?
Please reply in my e-mail address -

Anonymous said...

How come in your previous blog posts your hair wasn't shoulder length? it was about the same length as this pic. How much growth did u actually get? and how long did it take? using this right now.


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