Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i could NOT help it !!

Posted by jacqui at 5:19 PM
after days of lurking around on the EDM forums. i was curious about all the hype that the NR powders were making !! (read here!) i wanted to get my hands on these so called "miracle" powder!! so i made another order.. hopefully it will come just after my superkit order so i wouldn't look like a mad woman scouting down the australia post van for my much anticipated package !! i wish my superkit would come this week ! im living on samples right now :( lol anyway ladies heres my order !! by the way i got the personal kit !!
  • i ordered another sample kit
  • flat top brush - i already have a flat top brush from mary kay but apparently these brushes from EDM are very good.. i wanted to give it a try
  • medium tan (matte) - i wanted my color in every formulation besides intensive so i can switch it around
  • evening out blush (shimmer) - i wanted a blush i could wear while out partying/clubbing that has a slight shimmer
  • natural reflections in golden tan - i got two of these so called "miracle" powders.
  • and another summer stroll blush - i think i will have to sell this one because i already ordered another one.. or swap it for a bestfriends blush?? lol
i ordered these on the 16th of march.. hopefully it will come soon. i am really itching to get my hands on those natural reflections powder.. apparently they double as a sunscreen !! i also have 2 superkits on my cart that are FULL .. lol.. should be checking out soon... soon soon lol.. when i have money !!



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