Monday, August 10, 2009

it's been awhile..

Posted by jacqui at 5:15 PM
hi ladies !!
as you all can see I haven't been posting anything new lately because my little man has been sick with the flu and all you moms out there know just how horrible that can be !! my baby has been getting 40+ temps and I haven't been able to get some sleep lately.. just monitoring his temp most of the time trying to keep it down but it still keeps going up. Thank God he's doing very well now his temp has come down.. all he needs now is to get his appetite back !! I will be posting once my little man is 110% better !! starting with my post for yvonne !! ;] hopefully in the coming week !!


Anonymous said...

aww. hope he feels better soon! and post pictures of your boy! i wanna see! =D


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