Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 3 Must Haves Of The Month

Posted by jacqui at 10:12 PM

1. Full Face Mineral Palettes $28.00US
These Palettes are formulated from all natural ingredients that feature "Argan Oil", Vitamin "C", Vitamin "E", & Vitamin "F" to beautify and maintain the health of your skin; naturally

These "Cream to Powder" palattes contains everything necessary to prepare a healthy professional looking facial canvas and create a "Full Coverage" ,"Softly Matte" Finish.

Available in Light,Medium and Dark Face Palettes.

2. EDM Limited Edition Flat Top Retractable Brush $10.00US
Retractable Flat Top is in! Limited Edition. A super full, luxurious, and dense brush with cruelty-free fibers - ideal for on the go! 3.5" tall, brush head is 1.5".

Anyone who loves their EDM flat top brush would be crazy not to get one of these !!

3. EDM Thymeless Concealer Kit $10.00US
New Hydrating Concealers & Concealer Brush Morning (Hydrating Sunlight), Dawn (Hydrating Mint), Fresh (Hydrating Aussie), Clear (Hydrating Multi-Tasking). Sample sizes - Full sized Brush.


Mrs. Blacksten on August 8, 2009 at 9:37 AM said...

Hey got your blog link from the EDM Forum. I love the layout and your blog is great!


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