Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mini Haul.. Bourjois Cosmetics Paris

Posted by jacqui at 3:30 AM
my mini haul for today.. an assortment of eyeshadows and a red lipstick from bourjois paris.
i don't buy much eyeshadowss but since i've gotten a freebie shadow palette by bourjois from a purchase off priceline before.. thats when the love for bourjois began. I only own a lipstick and a 2 shadow palette that is actually by bourjois because the only thing holding me back is the price. I can't seem to justify spending $16.00 on eyeshadows i would hardly use but since they were on sale today i thought why the hell not?!

Heres what I got..
Petite Guide De Style Perfect Harmony Shadow & Contour in
  • #11 Miss Spirit
  • #12 Coquette Rosette
  • #13 Fleur Bleue..?
  • #14 Mauve & Croquer

Ambre Paupierre Eyeshadow in
  • #01 Rose Ancien
  • #70 Kaki Etonnant
  • #26 Feu D'Artifice

i will be experimenting on looks with these lovely shadows this week so will be updating soon !! and also will give these babies a review !!



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