Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Posted by jacqui at 5:45 PM
I know I have rambled on about how much weight I gained with my second baby but honestly as long as my partner doesn't see me as unattractive I guess I'm fine, but I wish I could say the same about other people *rolls eyes*

So anyway my mum has been bugging me about loosing weight and she introduced me to Meizitang. At first I didn't believe all the stories she was telling me about her mutual friend losing so much weight while on this herbal pill but then again i was keen enough to try it, after all my birthday is just a month away and maybe I can loose abit before then.

I started taking Meizitang almost two weeks ago and I can definitely say I have lost weight, 5kg to be exact. I'm so ecstatic, I'm over the moon !! I'm trying to contain myself from buying heaps of small clothes ! I cant believe I was skeptical ! *smiles* Anyway I am going to start a diary log on my weightloss with meizitang !! I will update every two weeks on my progress.



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