Thursday, December 25, 2008

not so merry day..

Posted by jacqui at 12:40 AM

..but not so merry for me..i am like the walking dead right now !! yesterday was such a disaster.. i didnt get any presents from my mother.. because get this she doesnt wanna spend more than 60 dollars on me when she happily blew money out for my brosta's nintendo wii.. and its not just the console !! she even bought him games !! so we ended up fighting because i wanted a dress ontop of that 60 dollar harajuku girls perfume.. i mean its just a simple request right?? i rather give the watch i got her for a refund and her not give me anything at all.. her watch costed me 220.. anyway she ended up giving me 50 dollars.. for christmas.. i mean really?! thanks for the petrol money ! since i was so peed off i ended up driving all the way to canningvale.. wasted more petrol on that ! so anyway went to alex's and looked through his photo albums at home..everything was going great until he asked me to take him to gosnells to buy "duck mince" for his step-brother kim.. i was skeptical.. and wary of time.. i mean i had to be home by 9.30.. he was begging me to take him..and i said yes..didnt realise he was gonna tag his brother along with his boong !.. oh and the boong is another story !! lol.. i ended up taking the whole lot of them.. i knew something fishy was going on but i kept driving.. to keep the story short by the time we got back to alex'z place i was NOT a happy person. he KNEW i NEEDED to go home early so i can get ready to go to christmas carols & church.. but noooooooooo he ONLY THOUGHT ABOUT HIMSELF !! im still pissy.



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