Monday, November 5, 2012

BH Cosmetics Brush Sets Review

Posted by jacqui at 5:29 AM

 My daughter Leila lovesss packages !!

little miss taking photos with the box. LOL!

I recently ordered some brushes from
I got the 24 piece synthetic brush set RRP:$28.00
& the 15 piece wild purple brush set RRP:$25.00
Also grabbed myself a mini makeup brush belt RRP:$7.00

15 PC WILD PURPLE BRUSH SET came with a synthetic leather roll up brush case with tie up closure. Personally I would have liked a magnetic closure but anyway still looked pretty professional

 I really liked the color of these brushes !
(purple is my fave!)
The brushes and case did have a "plastic" smell to it was expected.
Three of the brushes came with a brush guard that was made of hard plastic.

These are the brushes without the plastic packaging and pvc brush guards.
Looks decent enough..right?

                                                                              The face and shading brushes from the purple set. In fairness they are very soft..maybe a little too soft for my liking.

24 Piece Brush Set came with a synthetic croco leather brush roll
also in black similar to the one with the 15pc only shiny and much bigger !

A few of the eye brushes on the 24pc is really very similar.. some might say they are the same.. the only difference is the angle of the brush bristles.

The blender brush (3rd from left) is a little disappointing. It is way too flimsy to be able to blend out harsh lines.

 These are probably some of the brushes that I would definitely use from the 24pc set. Although I don't know why they added a sponge tip applicator.

The brushbelt is NOT a MINI !
I love how this belt has a flap to protect the brushes!
I guess you could load this up with your fave brushes
then off you go !
I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this belt,
from the photos on the website it doesnt seem like
    much but its a great sized belt !

 storage for 12 brushes and a large single compartment for
other bits and bobs like cotton tips & sponges.
I love this belt !!

The adjustable buckle and fastener on this is divine !
So easy to adjust without much effort !
A little tip though the belt runs a little on the small
side so if you are a fuller figured lady this might not
be the right belt for you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was gonna leave a comment on your blog post regarding Kaminomoto, but I figured I'll comment here, on a more recent post. Just wanted to know, how long did it take to see those results and how many bottles did you go through? Did you follow the twice a day application instructions? How many inches of growth did you get? :)

jacqui on November 14, 2012 at 7:28 PM said...

Hi there !
For me I went through two bottles of Kaminomoto and that lasted about 5 months. In regards to results I noticed a difference in about a week, my hair was noticeably thicker and more healthier. In those 5 months I had grown 6 inches of hair and I credit all that to kaminomoto! I applied kaminomoto twice a day one after my morning shower and one before I go to bed. I also got one of those travel atomizers for easier application. Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I read on your review that you started using kaminomoto in march, then in April, showing your results you stated that your hair was shoulder length, in your results picture you had about mid back length, did you get results that fast?

jacqui on November 17, 2012 at 6:25 AM said...

to be honest i think results differ from person to person. I had results almost immediately but my mum who was using it at the same time as me didnt notice much difference until the 2nd month.

After the five months my hair was really long. So in the space of five months my hair went from shoulder length to just above my bum !

Anonymous said...

Wow, so within a month, march to April - your hair grew from shoulder length to midback length. That's great. I think I see a difference I'm just having trOuble with application. It's also finishing very fast

Beloved of Christ on December 11, 2012 at 7:18 AM said...

Hi! Was lead to ur blog rgds to kaminomoto but end up lemming aft the brushes haha!

May i know if kaminomoto just helped with maintaining hair and accelerate the length growth or it actually helps baby hair grow in thinning patches?

So shock to see from my camera, my back of head thinning a patch >.<


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